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The Trago McWilliams House on N 27th St,

Board Meeting 1978-02-22.pdf
President Robinson opened the meeting with a silent prayer. Susie May (School of Nursing, University of Nebraska) observed the meeting as a visitor.
The meeting covered a new board member nomination, the Juvenile Delinquency Program, and the…

Board Meeting 1978-02-07.pdf
The meeting began with introductions of the staff and Board members.
The meeting proceeded to reports on the Head Start Program, the Juvenile Delinquency Program, Adult & Youth Programs, and the Budget Committee. They then went over the Goals and…

Board Meeting 1978-01-25.pdf
Elections were held. Assignments for the Juvenile Delinquency Program were listed.
Black History Week was announced for February 13-19, 1978.

Board Meeting 1977-11-11.pdf
The meeting concerned the grant for the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Program.

Board Meeting 1977-10-26.pdf
The meeting began with a prayer led by Mrs. Letcher. She then gave the report for the Annual Meeting Committee.
Two new board members were welcomed.
An Open House was scheduled for November 3, 1977.
The Scholarship Committee was being…

Board Meeting 1977-09-28.pdf
Document is missing minutes, only contains agenda.

Board Meeting 1977-07-26.pdf
The following was the agenda:
"1. The second formal evaluation of the progress of Homer Simmons as directed by the Board of Directors...
2. A report on the progress being made in securing additional members on the Board of Directors.
3. An…

1976 Committee Appointments.pdf
A list of specific board members sitting on 1976 committees.

1976 Opinion Paper.pdf
This opinion paper deals with the plan for a new building.
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