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This exhibit gathers some brief biographies of people who were active, influential members of the Clyde Malone Community Center from its original status as the Lincoln Urban League to the modern Non-Profit Organization the Center has become. All of these individuals have positively impacted the Center and without their influence the Center would not have become the historical and cultural hub it is now. Browse by Lincoln Urban League members, Executive Directors, and Influential Members.  

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Board Meeting Minutes

The Board Meeting minutes are the most valuable resource for tracking the internal progress of the Malone Center. A selected range of these minutes are provided by year because they mark significant moments in the Center's history and decisions.

Once on a page, click any board meeting record to see a synopsis of the meeting, the creator, and images of the original text. The full archive of board meeting minutes is housed at the Malone Community Center within its archive. 


Punk Rock Shows 1987 - 1989


The Malone Community Center hosted several punk shows in the late 1980's that were popular especially among the younger crowd. This collection features flyers of punk shows that occured in the gym from 1987 to 1989. There are also photos from the shows promoted in the flyers included, courtesy of the personal collections of Mike Coleman, Colin Hoster, Pawl Tisdale, and Adam Wall.




Social Events


This exhibit gathers different social events that took place at the Clyde Malone Community Center. These include celebrity visits, a variety of social events and youth events, and the KUZM radio show "Malone Reaching Out." All of these events helped to make the Malone Center a hub of social activity and development.

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