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Compiling the history for this site would not have been possible without the collaboration and assistance from several contributors, whom we wish to acknowledge and thank. Without their assistance, this digital history website would not have been successful.

 Main Contributors

Larry Williams: Mr. Williams is the current executive director of the Clyde Malone Community Center and the primary source of information. He gave access to the Center's archives, did all of the coordinating within the Center to ease the process of material gathering, and advised the project at every step.

Charlene Maxey-Harris: Associate professor and librarian for Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Professor Maxey-Harris connected the Malone Center to the Digital Humanities practicum course. She also provided the project with advising, resources, and personal experiences to the team. Maxey-Harris is also in the process of developing a scholarly digital project on the Malone Community.

Tekla Ali Johnson: Dr. Johnson is a professor in African American studies who organized the Malone Center Archive and did extensive research on the Malone community. Her essay,  “African American Settlement and Migration: A History of the Malone Community of Lincoln, Nebraska" is the primary foundation of the timeline feature of the site.

Professor's Andrew Jewell and Elizabeth Lorang: The Digital Humanities Practicum instructors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln not only provided the opportunity to create this website and supervised the course, but personally assisted in all issues technical, historical, and theoretical. Professor Jewell is the Associate Professor of Digital Projects and editor of the Willa Cather Archive. Professor Lorang is a digital humanities projects librarian at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities and director of the Digital Scholarship Incubator.

Other Contributors

Albert Maxey

James Terry

Mike Coleman